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Cuffed Jeans: A Street Fashion Favorite

Street fashion has become super popular in recent years, especially with the emergence of personal bloggers. Some of the top fashion bloggers specialize in street style and as a result, we've finally begun to open up new doors to how the average, albeit stylish, person dresses around the world on a daily basis. New York has always been a mecca of international flavors all rolled into one, which makes it a perfect choice for examining jeans styles of the everyday fashionable.

The Repeating Style

Of course skinny jeans aren't going anywhere anytime soon, but other trends are quickly emerging to help keep the skinny style fresh. A style long seen in Europe, especially on Italian men, is the straight leg, narrow fit pants with the cuff rolled up showing off a bare ankle. To bring it to a colder New York setting, city dwellers have taken the classic style and swapped trousers for jeans in dark washes and either rolled the jeans in the classic way, or simply bought jeans that were short enough to show the ankle. With the weather in New York dramatically different than most parts of Italy, just about all fashion types showing up in street style blogs had on socks in various dark colors.

How to Get It

Since the New York version is much more laid-back than the Italian one, it will also be easier to find and afford. Find a dark wash jean in a straight, narrow or skinny style, then decide on whether to have a natural hem that hits above the ankle or a rolled cuff. The rolled cuff will make the jeans more versatile, but a crisp hem also sends a strong, distinct message. For the natural hem, it's likely a tailor will need to get involved. It's hard enough finding jeans that fit, let alone jeans that fit and have the exact hemline wanted. For the rolled cuff, opt for normal length jeans, nothing too long, and roll them once or twice to let the ankle "breathe." For chilly weather add in some stylish socks and funky shoes.

As fashion begins to go global thanks to all the street fashion bloggers, it's becoming easier than ever to try out fashion trends from around the world. To keep it unique, tailor it to your city, style and climate for a cool, eclectic look. The globe's the limit.



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