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Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Beauty of diamond pendant necklaces is the versatility of matching with any type of diamond earrings. They go with all type of dress outfits from casual to parties. Women of all ages love wearing them. These are perhaps one of the most elegant pieces of diamond jewelry. They in fact are light in weight and affordable.

Necklaces can be designed and set with solitaire diamond alone or with multiple stones. The solitaires ones are very classic, trendy and are part of any jewelry collection. The most common metal is used to design are gold (yellow or white), silver or platinum. Some jewelers often design diamond necklaces with other precious stones. It is all about personal choice and preference.

For those buying a gift for loved ones and want something long lasting and precious, pendants offer true value for money. They are also an extremely diverse gift and with so many designs, it is easy to find the perfect design for anyone. Diamonds come in all price range and budget.

Woman now have many choices to select pendants made and set with either a solitaire diamond piece or combination of multiple 3 to 5 stones. The 3 stones of equal or graduating size sit in succession along the pendant, or in a group. It goes with 5 stone pendants in similar styles, but with more gems.

Many diamond pendant necklaces are also designed with multiple small cut stones - diamond cluster pendants that show a style mimicking the diamond solitaire designs. Not only you get fine appearance but cost savings too in comparison to pendant made with solitaire diamond alone. Bottom line is a solitaire of the same diamond weight will be more expensive in the same quality than several diamonds of the same total weight.



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