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Containing Your Beaded Flowers

Creating beaded flowers, especially French beaded flowers, is quite popular among crafters today. There's information to be found everywhere on how to make these stunning blooms, so let's take it to the next step and assume you've just completed your first beaded flower. You want to make it into an item to be displayed and enjoyed, and for many crafters a floral arrangement in a container works well, whether it's a single stem or a huge bouquet of flowers and foliage. Putting this together can be accomplished in a number of ways.

Remember, though, you are working with beaded flowers which are quite heavy due to all those lovely little beads, and you want to be certain you have plenty of weight in your container so your arrangement won't tip over!

A popular mounting material for beaded flowers is modeling clay, particularly if your container is made from pottery or opaque glass. This clay comes in blocks and doesn't harden. Heat a small chunk of the clay in your microwave at 10-second intervals to soften it to a workable state, then press it into the container. Place your stems into the clay, and it will hold your flowers upright. There is a good bit of weight to this material, so it will also anchor the container and prevent tipping. Now cover the surface with some pretty dried moss.

A lovely way to anchor your container, especially if made from clear glass, is to partially fill it with glass marbles or pretty stones. These can be purchased inexpensively and will also hold your beaded flowers upright while anchoring your vessel. Just be sure not to tip it over and have all those marbles rolling onto the floor! (Don't ask me how I know this.)

If you're feeling particularly brave, try the 'fake water' preparations. I love the look of this, but have to admit I find it difficult to work with. I believe most of these preparations are a type of resin, and they will come to you as two separate formulas that need to be mixed together prior to use. The mixture is thick and very sticky, and somehow I usually manage to get it all over myself and my work surface. But the end result is wonderful, and to me it's worth the mess.

Some tips for using these ...

    Follow the package directions carefully, mixing slowly to avoid bubbles.
    After mixing, pour into a plastic bag and snip a corner of the bag, creating a hole from which to pour the mixture down the center of the vase opening - try to avoid getting the 'water' on the sides of your vessel.
    Before pouring, place some glass marbles inside the vase and pour the mixture over these. This allows you to fill several vases with a single package of the rather pricey mixture.
    Allow to cure the required length of time before moving the vase or components within.

You'll find many ways to contain your beaded flowers; I've given you only a few ideas here. However you decide to mount them, though, you are certain to enjoy your arrangement for years to come!


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