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How to Make Your Own Beaded Bead

Beaded beads are made up of a whole lot of smaller beads, usually using square stitch beading technique. In this article we will consider how you can make your own beaded bead and then use these in your beading projects.

Choose Some Seed Beads in Colors of Your Choice for your Beaded Bead

Start by thinking about the colors you want your beaded bead to consist of. It can be one single color or multiple colors depending on how you want it to look in the end. Choose seed beads in that color to make it.

Use Square Stitch Beading

Square stitch beading involves creating an anchor bead by passing thread through one seed bead twice before passing it through the rest of the beads on that row and the first bead of the second row. Once you have done the first bead on the second row pass the thread back through the last bead on the first row and the first bead on the second row before doing the same with all the following beads. Continue following this pattern until you have a square or rectangular shape that is roughly the size of the beaded bead you want to create.


Once you have your square or rectangular shape you want to turn it into a beaded bead. In order to do this you work your thread through your first and last rows together in order to sew them into a cylinder shape.

Using Your Beaded Beads

Following the instructions above you can make a number of different beads which can then be used on a wide variety of different projects depending on your specific taste and interests in beading.

Beaded beads are a fun and creative way to add to the variety of your beading patterns and make more interesting pieces. Once you are familiar with square stitch beading this becomes very simple.



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