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Beads Galore For All Crafters

For many of us beads hold a fascination, especial crystals and glass ones that have a sparkle when the light reflects on them. There are many beautiful glass beads available, but somehow the Italians seem to have perfected this art. Their beads are exquisite and very desirable.

Venetian and Murano glass beads are of very high standard. Their beauty is probably the ability of the Italian artist to blend the colors and beauty of their designs so skillfully. 24 kt gold foil is used in the making of these beads with glass like crystal - they are totally beautiful - and handmade. Each bead is made by an experienced artistic glass blower.

Beautiful ceramic beads made in Greece come glazed or unglazed. They come in 24kt gold plated, fine silver plated and copper plated. Although beautiful they are not perfect in shape, so look better made into more informal jewelry.

If you are interested in doing bead loom work, and weaving, the ideal beads to use are seed beads. The best quality seed beads are Czech and Japanese Miyuki Delica and Toho. They come in an assortment of colors and the sizes are consistent, which gives you an evenly finished product. Non-uniformity of beads will never give you an even finish when you weave with them. Seed beads are probably the most commonly used, and the sky is the limit what can be made with them.

All these beads are obtainable from specialized outlets. You will immediately fall in love with them when you see them and your creative appetite will be whet.

Jewelry made from beads of glass, wood, ceramic, metal or any synthetic material can be made into beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Many of these items of jewelry can be worn with designer outfits and for casual wear.

Vintage glass beads are available online. They have been around for a very long time and were used as currency in bygone years. They were attributed a high value. Many beautiful items of jewelry have been made from glass beads. There are Venetian, Czech and lamp work beads and hand-blown glass beads that can be purchased online. There are many other sorts as well. It you are looking for any particular type you will have to browse the websites until you find what you want.

Swarovski beads are very beautiful crystal beads made in Austria. They are high quality crystals and are incorporated in beautiful items of jewelry. They are also freely available from bead stores and online stores. They are cut into beautiful designs and come in a selection of colors.

Sterling silver and pewter beads are also sought after for jewelry manufacture. They complement any jewelry design very well. Beads can be made from almost any natural material, as history has shown us. Historic man loved to make beads, not only for adornment of the body, but also for use as a monetary system.



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