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Bugle, Glass, Crystal and Seed Beads for Fun

Let us have fun in this write up! Fun can mean different things to different people, but for most of the girls and some cool guys, they can not imagine having a wonderful time without dressing up according to the occasion. If they are going out with friends, they would need to dress up accordingly. If they are going to a party with friends or to the night clubs they would need to dress up to enjoy the time in the maximum possible way. And when we are talking about dressing up, can we leave the jewellery behind? What are the jewellery for fun times? Ask any Brit lad or lady and apt comes the reply beads. Beads like seed beads, bugle beads, glass, crystal, cat's eye, metal, shell - it can be any kind. Let us have a little fun with all kinds of beads.

First let us talk about glass beads. Glass beads, as the name suggests are beads that have glass like appearance. They go with any kind of occasion starting from outing with friends to parties and social gatherings.

Bugle beads - just like seed beads are very colourful beads. This means they come in different colours. You can pair two or more number of colours together to make a heady concoction of colours or you can also use one kind of colour.

Crystal beads are made up of crystal. They come in different shapes and colours and are great for party wear. They can make you look scintillating in a few seconds and ready for the evening.

And then we have seed beads. The fun, fashionable and funky looking seed beads come in different shapes and colours. They are your best bet when you want to look chic and cool. Both guys and girls can wear them around their necks or wrists.



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