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What Exactly Are European Beads And What You Must Look For When Buying

European beads available from some of the big jewellery supplies companies have become a popular way to create and customise heirloom jewellery. But, although they are really popular, there is very little information available about them on the web. This brief guide has been created to give you information on what European beads really are and some tips on buying them.

In order to create a piece of jewellery, whether it is a necklace or a bracelet, individual beads must be strung on a specialised base. European beads are available in a wide range of colours and they can be made from various materials as well. They have a large diameter and are three dimensional. Just like other kinds of beads, they have a hole in the centre to accommodate the jewellery chain.

They are available in many styles and their design options are limitless. The beads can be made from a base metal, glass, solid silver and gold or plated silver and gold. Some of the expensive ones feature Swarovski crystals, zirconia stones as well as other precious stones. Their price can range from $2.00 to $100 and even more if it is made from solid gold. The beads can have a smooth bore or threaded bore.

Cleaning Tips

European beads are made from a variety of material so you must make sure that you do not use any cleaning product that can damage the beads. If your beads are not solid gold or silver, do not use chemical jewellery polish or paste. Some beads, especially the affordable ones are oxidised intentionally to enhance their details and for this reason you must be careful about the products you use on them as strong chemical cleaners can remove oxidisation and make your beads look dull.

Using a jewellery polishing cloth is the best way to clean your jewellery. Moreover, you must never shower or swim wearing your European beads jewellery unless they are made of solid gold or silver.

Buying Tips

One of the most important things that you must remember when buying European beads is that not all beads are created equal. Whether you go to a store or shop online, you must keep in mind that while there are some fabulous designs and quality available, there are also cheap quality beads available. If you are unsure about the quality of the beads you are buying, you must ask your seller questions to save you frustration and time.



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