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Home Based Business Making Jewelry With Free Supplies

There is always excitement in starting a new home based business. If you are new to the business world spending money will become a daily economic issue. But, you are off to a good start by using your creative abilities to make jewelry with free supplies.

A business owner spends wisely, not foolishly. The money being spent to operate a business is meant to generate more dollars. A good home based business needs profit and savings. Profit will continue the business into the future and savings will be there for rainy days.

Working from home saves money being spent on a business rental lease with its overhead. Your home location has its fixed expenses; thereby this is a big free benefit. Business write-offs will be an added benefit for the home location.

Do not feel bad if you do not have large funds to get you started in the jewelry business. There are many ways to make inexpensive easy jewelry projects with free supplies and still make a profit. The economy of today is begging for entrepreneurs to satisfy customer needs without a big price tag.

Often times a niche market is the best income source. Once you have your niche market or markets established then expand from there.

How can you build a home based business on a small budget or no budget?

    Get any and all jewelry needs for free
    Shop around for the best wholesale prices
    Shop arts and crafts stores going out of business
    Shop re-used supply centers or salvage yards
    Ask friends and family for any jewelry pieces which they can donate for you to recycle
    Recycle or redesign any jewelry pieces which you have made
    Shop garage sales, yard sales, flea markets
    Use found or discarded objects
    Left over odds and ends from previous jewelry projects

Side note: Do not be discouraged by businesses which have gone out of business. If possible, find out why they are closing their doors. Learn from their business mistakes.

Do not feel that you are cheating your customers by using any of the above listed items. You will need your cleverness to produce a new line of custom-made jewelry designs and the new thinking will open new markets.

Ideas for locating free jewelry supplies:

    Make your own beads
    Various wires - copper from discarded computers
    Computer parts and their colorful wire wraps
    Nails for jump rings
    Plastic gimp
    Safety pins
    Paper clips
    Plant seeds

The above list is just a start. Take time to look at different objects in new ways. Walk away from the typical stereotyped ideas.

Niche markets:

    Green industry
    The entertainment industry
    Sub-culture groups
    Young adults

The many different niche markets will keep you busy designing jewelry to fit their adornment needs. There will be easy, custom, and fashion jewelry which can be made from free materials.



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