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What Are Bead Caps And How Are They Used?

If you do a lot of work with beads during your jewelry making, you will know that one of the staple pieces of kit that you need to buy are bead caps. However, if you have seen these caps in the bead supply store but you are not quite sure what they are, here is a quick guide to what they are and how they are used.

What are Bead Caps?
These caps are a very special type of bead which is used to keep the rest of the globules which you are using in the places that you want them to be. They will also help to give your beaded items a slightly more finished and professional look. Without globule caps, the other globules which have been used in your home made jewelry items can slide about and may irritate the wearer. In some cases, when very delicate beads are used, this can result in the beads getting broken or damaged. Globule caps help to prevent this. It is very rare that globule caps are used on their own, although some people like to experiment with them in this unorthodox way.

1. Basic Bead Caps
As the name suggests, these are the most basic and plain type of bead cap available, but they are highly functional. They are just regular caps with a threading hole through the centre. Because these caps are plain, they can be used to secure any style of bead, without detracting from the beads which are being used in the bracelet. Basic caps are available from any good globule shop or jewelry making stock supplier.

2. Decorative Globule Caps:
Decorative globule caps are by far the most interesting and unusual type of globule cap available. There are thousands of different designs of decorative globule caps available, from tiny cartoon characters, to globule caps rendered in a food shape, to caps which have been inspired by nature. This type of cap should be used with caution, because they can effectively change the whole style of a bracelet. As there are so many different, unique designs, it may be harder to find the exact one you want at the bead store.

3. Floral/Filigree Bead Caps:
There is no surprise that this type of bead cap is shaped like a flower. The petals of the flower are usually curved slightly inwards to cut the beads which are being used in the item of jewelry. They can be a very good way to frame round or oval shaped beads, and to add an extra little touch to plain or monochrome beads, however they may look out of place if you are already using very fancy globules in your beading work.

4. Tubular Bead Caps:
These bead caps are longer and thinner than other types of this cap. They are usually used in necklaces to act as a buffer between the standard beads of the necklace and the necklace clasp. They will prevent the strung globules from getting caught on the clasp of the necklace or bracelet.



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