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Understanding the Healing Powers of Gemstone Beads

Legacy of gemstones beads having healing powers has been known seen centuries. In ancient times, gemstones were considered as a symbol of supremacy and royalty. Kings and queens wore gemstones in their crown, attire and as part of jewelry. Gemstones have a magnetic property with the help of which they produce certain type of energy or vibrations that have healing properties. Gemstone is a mineral or a rock that is cleaned and de-fossilized to obtain a lustrous bead.

The energies released from the beads are believed to have an effect on mental and physical aspects around us. Various gemstones are found in different parts of the world and have different properties. Several gemstones belong to a family of gemstone, that is, their basic properties are same but their properties vary according to place, time, color and size.

How do gemstone beads healing powers work?

As said earlier every gemstone has a bit of magnetic property through which it creates certain vibrations and releases energy. These vibrations and energy fields are a result of our external environment. The reflection of light and color of beads play an important part in creating energy fields around us. Depending on the color, clarity, transparency and texture of the gemstone, particular type of vibrations or energy is released that aids in enhancing the present abilities and powers inside our body. The attracted positive energy rays pass through the beads into our body to create harmony and balance of emotions and physical aspects of our body.

Examples of healing power of gemstone beads

Amethyst: Amethyst is found in several countries like Argentina, USA, Zambia, Uruguay and is associated with the quartz family. It comes in light purple to dark purple hue. Traditionally Amethyst was believed to have powers that could accelerate intelligence. In modern days, it is known to strengthen the immune system, relieve physical pains and acne.

Moonstone: Moonstone is found in Mexico, Norway, Sri Lanka and Australia. It is found in different shades of peach and grey. The Moonstone gemstone beads have fertility promoting qualities. It is believed to balance female hormones and hence it is considered good for pregnant women.

Jade: It is known to heal issues related to kidney, spleen, thyroid etc. It is believed to help in wisdom, courage and love.



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