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Styles Of Designer Glass Beads

Glass beads can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, and they are very popular with jewelry makers all around the world. In fact, glass beads have been used for hundreds of years by different countries and cultures. It is therefore no surprise that bead makers keep inventing and re-inventing new types of beads to sell to dedicated hobbyists. Here are a few of the different types of designer and decorative glass beads that it is possible to buy from bead shops or sellers:

Frog Beads
Frog beads are a very unusual kind of bead which became popular all of a sudden. These tiny beads portray little frogs in lots of different styles. Because frogs are active creatures, bead makers have a lot of different opportunities to re-invent this style of bead. They are exceedingly popular because the style appeals to a lot of different people: animal lovers like them because they are reminiscent of nature, cartoon lovers enjoy them because of their cheeky cartoony appearance, and many others like them because of their quirky appearance.

Butterfly beads
These beads are similar to frog beads in many ways, except that they represent one of the most beautiful and delicate creatures in all of nature. Because they are made of glass, these globules can be quite delicate too. It is possible to get single colored butterfly shaped beads, or choose ones which have beautiful designs painted on them. These designer globules are a great choice for people who like delicate or feminine jewelry.

Heart beads
Heart shaped beads have been use for years to represent love and happiness. Bracelets and necklaces using heart shaped beads are a particularly popular choice for people who are making or buying jewelry for a loved one. It is not uncommon for heart shaped globules to become scarce before Valentine's Day, so if you are thinking of buying these beads at this time of year, it is a good idea to plan in advance or have a contingency plan in case you can't get hold of any!

Flower beads
These beads are another type of designer glass beads which have been inspired by nature. Flowers are a really popular bead design amongst bead makers, because there are so many different flowers for them to take their inspiration from. Popular designs include partially closed flowers, such as roses, or ones which are wide open, such as daisies. Some types of glass flower, such as lilies, are very beautiful, but also very delicate.

Round beads
Of course, if you do not want anything as fancy as the types of glass beads which are mentioned above, it is still possible to buy "normal" shaped globules, such as round ones. Bead makers and designers are still able to do wonderful things with the range of round globules which are available. It is possible to get round globules in an almost unlimited range of colors and sizes. It is even possible to buy round beads which are more than one color at once!



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