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Before You Buy Beads Online - Consider This

Maybe you had the same experience I had when beading jewelry and clothing became so popular. I walked into my favorite craft store to purchase some beads and tools to get started making the jewelry that was beginning to adorn the arms and necks of many of my friends with great anticipation. What I didn't anticipate was the cost of the beads, especially the ones I liked best!

Many of us have turned to the resources on the internet to order in larger quantities and get much better prices. What I enjoy most is that the resources are at my fingertips and I can find what I need much faster than going to the store. If I'm being totally honest, I also enjoy doing it in my pajamas with a cool drink beside me and my feet propped up!

But a word of caution should be given here before you give up the "in-store" purchase in favor of internet shopped. You're going to have to learn about the beads and be sure you know what you're looking for before jumping in to make a purchase.

Following are a few things to consider:

Type of bead: Depending on your project, you'll want to determine what type of bead will work best. Some types of beads are:

    Glass beads
    Acrylic beads
    Chamilia beads
    Crystal beads
    Wood beads
    Pearl beads
    Plastic beads
    Ceramic beads
    Rosary beads

and many more.

You should also consider the appropriate type of bead for your specific purpose such as:

    Jewelry making
    Lamp decorating
    Craft design (such as flowers and stems)
    Clothing beading
    Quilt beading

and so on.

You'll also want to learn the sizes of the beads you'll be using for your projects to be certain you order the correct sizes. If you're as talented as I think you are, you'll be able to use your beads no matter the size, but most of us are on a budget and need to be sure we get just what we need. Excess beads, however, can be used in so many ways. We'll soon post an article with some great ideas on how to use those beautiful "leftovers."

If you are able to, find different ways to view the beads you are considering ordering. Turn the lights on or off and check the color. Move your laptop to another room. You can even change from one internet provider to another (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) to see if the viewing is different. What looks red in one light may really be more burgundy that the fire engine red you're hoping for.

So before you order online, be sure you know what you really need as far as color, size, type of bead, and quantity. Also carefully check the shipping costs before you finalize your order to be sure you're not surprised when the total amount of the charges appears. And check the return policies such as deadlines for returns, who pays shipping, etc.



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