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Learn About European Beads

Beads are essential to making jewelry and to decorate garments and accessories. Beads are also useful in decorating craft projects. Whether you are making personal jewelry or commercial, enhancing a bag, or designing a keychain, our European beads are pretty and making for lovely finished products. Our European beads are economical, and value for money. They can be used as core beads for all your jewelry making requirements and are a good alternative to silver beads. Buy them now!

Make necklaces or bracelets with our European beads, they can be used as sliders. Let loose your imagination and create any design you wish for. Beautiful and affordable, our European beads are available in metal, plastic, polymer, and various other materials, in several finishes and shapes. Select from nickel free, cadmium free, lead free finishes for creating pieces that will be comfortable to wear and allergy-free. You can be sure that when you wear or sell your finished product created with our European beads, you wear or sell the best quality. Whether it is a doll, a starfish, a horse, a lock, a shoe, a baroque drop, a lion, a disc, a mushroom or a cross, or even a rabbit or drum or lantern, there are literally over hundreds of European beads designs to choose from. You will be spoilt for choice with our European beads, mix and match as you please.

You could also opt for European beads in lampwork with different cores, made in silver, golden, black, mixed or no color.  These are also available in several shapes like cube, column, and oval. The colors are from the entire rainbow, whether you like citrine, turquoise, lava, malachite or gold or fuchsia or topaz.

Still looking for more European beads? How about glass or glass rhinestone or crystal? Want even more European beads, we have European beads in foil glass, gemstone, porcelain and acrylic. Polymer, wood, woven, cubic zirconia, we have them all; take your pick of European beads.

Dangling European beads are also available for pendants or earrings or even key chains. Sky is the limit, for the number of color, material, finish and shape combinations available for European beads is so wide that create any object in any pattern, it will turn out unique, fun and attractive. Make a charm bracelet, a casual necklace, a belt, a formal necklace, embellish a top or a dress or revamp a bag, European beads can be used in a lot of different ways to either create new products or enhance existing ones. Buy monochrome European beads or colorful ones. Latest fashion trends can be recreated using European beads at affordable prices. Our artists designers regularly come with new and unique European bead designs so you are always on trend.

The European beads have standard hole sizes to fit any brandFree Reprint Articles, any style. They are compatible and can be added to any existing product. The sheer beauty of our European beads will make you want to be a creative person and start designing.


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