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Designing Your Jewelry

Step 1: Straighten the wire

The first step to making your own jewelry is straightening your wire. In case your wire is bent while you cut it, it should be bent while making the jewelry too. The wire will be very difficult to get straightened after it has been cut off.

Start off, by holding the spool according to the length of the wire. Now use nylon jaw pliers, to get it straightened along the length of the wire. Turn or hold it at different angles occasionally, to ensure that on all sides it is straight.

Step 2: Cut the wire

"Flush Cutters" are specifically required, for jewelry making. The two sides of the wire will then be differently angled, with one side flat and the other bent.

Ensure you know which side of the cutter, results in what type of a cut to use it accordingly. The cutters are usually quite sharp. Dull cutters are also not as option, as they will lead you to hurting yourself. They might actually slip and hurt you if not sharp enough.

Step 3: Bending the wire

Sharp angled bending of the wire, is another essential step to jewelry making. Pliers can help you do this easily, essentially the bent chain-nose pliers. Grasp the angle with your pliers, while bending with your finger until the desired angle is achieved.

Step 4: Making loops

Making loops at the end of the wire is essentially very easy. This is essentially used in the making of several jewelry components. Start by grasping the wire, with round nose pliers. Ensure that only a very small section of the wire is poking through the other end of the pliers. Bend the wire until a p-shaped loop is formed.

Grasp the wire with round nose pliers, at a point where the loop begins and then by bending it back slightly. The result to this is the opening of the loop which is also easy to re-close.

Step 5: Attach Clasps

To finish a bracelet and necklace attach a clasp to it. Using a crimper is one of the easiest methods of attaching a clasp. After you have finished threading your beads get the thread closed by a crimper. The end loop of the clasp is where the wire is to be looped through, further backing through the crimp bead. Use a few of the ending beads to thread the wire, pull it tight and thereby close the crimper by squeezing it with the cutters, and then trimming the excess wire.



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