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Why Not Sell Your Own Beaded Jewelry Creations?

Almost everyone in your circle of friends knew how you adore and enjoy making beaded jewelries. They mostly appreciate you wearing your own pieces of beaded jewelries and would like to wear the same. Yes, they love it when you give your beaded jewelry as a gift or a present. And you were highly regarded by your pals because of your jewelry pieces. They want you to produce more and they are prepared to buy those pieces for a cost.

Now, what will you do? Do not sweat because it's a chance for you to empty those boxes containing beaded jewelries you made and accumulated for months but many of them you haven't use at all! As you love to make beaded jewelry, you haven't notice how much you managed to produce for a brief period of time. Selling your own creation is the decent thing to do to put those wonderful creations to use and in return you earn some good money out of it. This can also make your mates and buyers cheerful while enjoying making some more.

To be able to sell your own beaded jewelry, sort them and plan how you are going to present it well to your friends or buyers. If your pieces need some retouch then do it by finding the right material and tool to use. Plan an easy garage exhibit to show off your beaded jewelry. You can also join trade carnivals where you can showcase your jewelry pieces.

If you join a trade fair, displaying your own beaded jewelry side by side with other beaded jewelry products is really challenging. You must show your craftsmanship both in your jewelry creations and the way you present it to the public. Don't use a material to wrap it. Be creative and use other available, fashionable, and fit to use material that adds uniqueness and visible appeal to every bit of beaded jewelry you make. Likewise, do the same with your display. You can create levels for both horizontal and vertical display.

Make your display look simple and fresh on the eyes of buyers. Don't overload the space. Choose the right color of your display's background that may highlight the fantastic thing about each jewelry piece you have for sale. Plan the layout of your display. Those unique pieces of jewelry you made can help advertise your other pieces of beaded jewelry if you put them in front of others to draw in buyers to your booth. Do not forget to have a nice art cards describing each piece like the sort of stones or beads ; type and grade of metal, and suggest what kind of occasions that piece would be fit to use.


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