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How Do You Choose New Beads For Jewellery?

You want to choose new beads for jewellery? Well you have to consider just what you're intending to achieve here. Is it going to be something new for yourself? Maybe you'd like a new beaded ankle bracelet for a party you're invited to?

If something like this is the case, what colour are you planning to wear? Not sure yet? That's understandable, it's how we women are! It must be leaving you in a quandary though when trying to decide what beads for your ankle bracelet.

Think of what other jewellery you've used beads for. Which bracelet are you likely to choose for that special party? Clear crystal beads would look great whatever colour dress you decide to wear and a crystal bracelet that's always been admired whenever you wear it would definitely be a good choice, if you have such a thing already made.

Do you have enough remaining beads to match your new ankle bracelet to that special bracelet that gets so much admiration? I guess not or you'd be ahead of me already! Perhaps crystal isn't your choice but look through the bracelets and necklaces you already made, see what you have.

Check if there's anything there that you created from beads that would go with anything you wear and that's been admired when you wore it, because if there is, you can get cracking on making an ankle bracelet to match or at least you can go ahead and order more of the same "go with anything" beads long before you have to make a decision on the dress you'll wear.

Can you remember where you purchased the beads, so you can quickly re-order? Did you buy beads online? Maybe you think you don't want a whole lot more of the same beads for jewellery but consider this: If you've received compliments about your own creation that looks so stunning on your wrist - You could now offer to take orders and make bracelets for the ones who were so admiring of your work. Money in your pocket!

That would be a very good reason for re-ordering beads in bulk, wouldn't it? It's a good opportunity to use your skill to make a little extra cash - or more than a little. Hopefully I've given you some helpful suggestions to consider when thinking "How do you choose new beads for jewellery?"

If you're American I'm sure you will have noticed a couple of strange spellings...They are the English spellings. Although I'm in the U.S at present I can't break the habit of spelling words the way I was taught years ago - even when I'm writing about beads for jewellery and I know full well that some Americans will read this.


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