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How to Choose a Source For Wholesale Gemstone Beads

Jewelry designers know they have a choice when looking for wholesale gemstone beads. Buying these unique beads at wholesale prices can save a designer a lot of money, but it's important to consider factors other than price when looking for a gemstone wholesaler. Any company should also have an extensive selection of unique beads and an easy return policy in case the bead turns out to be not quite what you expected.

Extensive Selection

If you do a lot of jewelry designing or buying for a group of designers, you know that finding one source for all your wholesale gemstone beads makes it easier to shop. A good source of wholesale gemstone beads will be able to offer freshwater pearls, semi precious and precious beads, as well as vermeil, sterling silver, copper and brass beads. Buying everything from one store means that you'll be able to enjoy reduced shipping costs and will cut down on the valuable time it takes to search multiple web sites or stores for particular unique beads.

Developing a relationship with a source of wholesale gemstone beads also means they may be able to place special orders or find unique beads especially for you. Doing this means you'll be able to design jewelry with unique beads no one else can offer.


Price is another big concern gemstone buyers have. The price they're able to pay for their unique beads directly impacts the cost of the jewelry and how much they can charge for their jewelry pieces. If the price of semi precious or precious beads is too high, chances are the jewelry will sit in a store display case before being sold. By purchasing wholesale gemstone beads, you can bring down your costs and provide jewelry less expensively, while still maintaining your profit and the quality of your jewelry.

Hassle Free Return Policy

Because buying beads online means you can't touch the beads or see their quality in person, it's vital that any source for wholesale beads offers a hassle free return policy. It's reasonable for the company to put a time limit on returns and require authorization before accepting a return, but be wary of wholesalers who have a strict 'no returns' policy. A company that's interested in developing relationships with jewelry designers will understand the need to see gemstones in person before making the final decision if the bead should be used.

The company should also be willing to accept returns on items that are damaged during shipping. Because damage can occur even with the most careful packaging, wholesalers of gemstone beads should allow a return any time the items arrive damaged.

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Beads Wholesale - Gem Or Junk?

Getting beads for jewelry making is not that hard to do. However, choosing where to get those important beads can be crucial. You can buy them at retail or at wholesale. Which is the better option for beads for jewelry making? The better bet would be to buy them at wholesale. A caveat must be stated here. Not all wholesale bead sellers have quality beads for jewelry making, so you have to be careful of which wholesaler you choose for getting your beading supplies from. Many different sites online advertise wholesale beads for jewelry making.

One of the problems that could come in is if a site has no photographs of the beads in question. This could be a ticklish situation, especially when it is a very specific bead type you search for. So it would be wise to look over a couple of different bead sites that offer wholesale prices. Comparison shopping can also save the day when it comes to getting the right beads for your needs. Some wholesalers also have beading supplies that can help make the art of beading not so hard. Getting quality beads is the key here to making fantastic jewelry.

Before you decide to buy beads wholesale, why not talk to others that have used sites that are wholesale for purchasing beads and see what their experience is like before you decide on a site. Talk to others and do the research necessary in order to find the gem of a wholesale bead merchant instead of the junk bead merchant. Beads are not hard to find online, but the trick comes in when you are trying to choose quality instead of quantity. On a site, find out all about the wholesaler, what their returns policy is and so on.

Getting wholesale beads is often a great idea. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to this plan. Sometimes you have to purchase more than what you need to obtain that fabulous price. Also, you may not get as good a selection, depending on where you are looking and order options or delivery options may not be what you want. On the whole, positives outweigh the negatives three to one in favor of wholesale beads. Since you are purchasing in bulk, the prices will be a lot better than if you were purchasing on the retail side of things.

As to the question posed in the title, for the most part beads wholesale are gems instead of junk. High quality beads for jewelry work are available in many different places. A simple search through a search engine will allow you to peruse many different listings in order to find the right wholesale seller of beads. If you are interested in jewelry making and beads, this should be a consideration for you to look at. Beaded jewelry is all the rage right now, and a well made piece of jewelry is well worth getting the right beads for. Wholesale beads are the best way to purchase beads for jewelry making.


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Consider Buying Wholesale Beads As Christmas Gifts

Christmas is once again descending on us at a rapid speed, and for most people that means they have a lot of people on their gift giving list that they simply do not know what to buy for them. Consider giving wholesale beads to some of the people on your list.

Teenagers are very hard to buy for. If you have teenage girls on your list then you know that you cannot afford to buy them the things they are dreaming of getting, like the iPhone 6, designer jeans, cars, and trips. Wholesale beads could allow you to gift the teenage girls on your list with something they would truly enjoy for a fraction of the cost of something you could buy from the local mall, or shopping center complex.

If you have girls on your list that are in between the age of baby dolls and make-up, then wholesale beads are the perfect option for their gift. Girls of this age love to be busy making things that they can share with their friends. Bracelets, necklaces, and charms, can all be made from wholesale beads and a few other jewelry making supplies. You can entertain the "tweens" on your list, and save a lot of money at the same time.

You might possibly have some gift recipients on your list that are getting a little older, who might need something to occupy their minds, and their time. Wholesale beads are perfect items to give to these individuals. You can give these individuals a new hobby, and possibly a new outlook on life with a supply of jewelry making supplies and tools. Idle hands lead to boredom, depression, and a lack of interest in life. Giving people that are aging items that will inspire them to get up and stay active. That means their quality of life will be improved, and they may very well live longer simply because they will have a reason to live.

When you are choosing items to give as gifts you should think of things that the recipient wants, things they already have, and things they might enjoy. You cannot be one hundred percent certain that each individual will like getting jewelry supplies, but you will be giving each individual the opportunity to try this craft for themselves.

Buy shopping for the jewelry supplies from wholesale suppliers you can buy a large quantity of the items for a small amount of money. That will enable you to divide the items into groups and gift several different people for the cost of one shipment of supplies. These items are low cost so you will be able to give each person a large quantity to work with. You might even be the recipient of some beautiful jewelry items made by your friends using the beads you gave them.

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