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Top Five Christmas Ornaments

The festival of Christmas can't be enjoyed without the use of ornaments on the Christmas tree. The Christmas ornaments are also one of the most memorable ways to mark this festival season. People use it to as a great gift for their special friends and relatives. The markets get flooded with different varieties of ornaments since the start of the Christmas season.

The list below contains 'The top five Christmas Ornaments', which can be either used to decorate your Christmas tree or gifted to your friends and relatives.

1) Musical Ornament

If you are planning to purchase an ornament for the children then musical ornaments are the best option. Children are attracted to the fun sounds produced by them and it adds a boost to their festive celebrations. Most of the musical ornaments play Christmas carols but some have the option ranging from old favorites to the latest versions. Some of these ornaments also contain an on-off button and a chip which can play the music for a specified period of time.

2) Artisan Ornament

In this category you have the option to choose either a delicate-handmade glass or either a beautifully designed wood piece. A tree decorated with these engraved artisan ornaments can add beauty to your Christmas preparations. The best place to look for these ornaments is the Christmas arts fair or the specialty stores. The price of such Christmas ornaments varies according to the skill involved and the material used in the making the ornament.

3) Personalized Ornament

The unique feature of these ornaments is that they are available in all sizes and can be made from any material. Due to the wide range of options in this category it is mostly suited as a perfect festive gift for your dear ones. If you are aware about the taste of the person then you can easily customize it the way you want. It is a trend to keepsake these personalized ornaments within the family.

4) Lighted Ornament

Apart from the lighting of Christmas trees, the unique "lighted Christmas ornaments" are also in fashion these days. Most of these lighted ornaments are made from crystal or the blown glass, thus they are quite expensive; but a plastic version is also available which stands to be graceful and affordable. These lighted ornaments are mostly manufactured according to the fire safety norms and thus probes less danger.

5) Handcrafted Ornament

Among all the above mentioned ornaments, the most liked one is those which are hand-made by your children or loved ones. It carries the imperishable memories, love and care of the person and is the best festival gift. You can arrange an 'Ornament Designing Party', wherein your friends and relatives will have a memorable get-together and produce an heirloom to be preserved for the coming generations.


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