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Top 4 Jewelry Beads for Summer Jewelry Making

Jewelry beads used in jewelry making come in various colors, shapes, sizes and materials, such as gemstone, glass, wood, metal, Tibetan silver, shell & pearl, clay, acrylic and so on. Jewelry beads can be used to make almost any imaginable jewelry pieces.

Here are the top 4 jewelry beads for making summer jewelry pieces:

Acrylic Beads: acrylic beads are one of the most popular and least expensive of the jewelry beads. They not only come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but also come in a wide range of colors, to include red, yellow, black, purple, pink, blue, green, orange, clear, assorted. Sparkling acrylic beads have the lustrous sheen of crystal. With many colors and shapes available in these fabulous beads, you have a large range to choose from, including colorful acrylic, transparent acrylic, antique acrylic, CCB acrylic, crackle acrylic, drawbench acrylic, imitation acrylic, printed acrylic, spray painted acrylic, plating acrylic, etc.

Tibetan Style Beads: Tibetan style beads are deeply loved by many people. They contain Tibetan silver beads, bead caps, toggles, hangers and pendants. From small to large, cube to round and lots more, these charms will add color and mystery to your designs. There are eight kinds of Tibetan style beads according to their colors: silver ones, antique silver ones, black ones, golden ones, antique golden ones, antique bronze ones, red copper ones, and platinum plated ones. One of the most mysterious Tibetan style beads is Tibetan style dzi beads. Because they are magic, many people believe that the dzi beads have mysterious power, and wear them to ward off attacks by evil spirits which might cause sudden sickness and death.

Gemstone Beads: a gemstone or gem, also called a precious stone or semi-precious stone, is a piece of attractive mineral, which is used to make jewelry or other adornments. Most gemstones are hard, but some soft minerals are used in jewelry making because of their luster or other physical properties that have aesthetic value. Rarity is another characteristic that lends value to a gemstone. In addition, some natural gemstones are good for health.

Glass Beads: glass beads are one of the most commonly used jewelry beads. They come in various styles, including normal glass, cat eye beads, crackle glass, Czech glass beads, drawbench glass beads, electroplated glass, frosted glass beads, glass pearl, glass rhinestone beads, imitation jade glass, painted glass beads, piezo glass beads, and some other specialty glass. All of them have multifarious colors, sizes and shapes. Crystal beads and lampwork beads, two kinds of glass beads, are very popular with people of all ages. They are very charming and beautiful, which add sparkle to jewelry pieces. String an entire strand of fabulous glass beads together or use just a few to get your own style. It will be assured to offer a great way to express yourself.


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