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Clay Beads - Should You Make Your Own?

There has been a recent boom in the amount of people who are making their own clay beads. While I would never discourage anyone using their talents and creativity I do sometimes wonder why people choose to do this. In this article I will show you why I believe the better option is not for you to make these little works of art on your own but instead for you to buy ones that are already made.

The first reason that I feel you should buy these works of art instead of making them is because of how costly it can be. Once you buy all the equipment and supplies you need you will quickly see that your expenses have far eclipsed what they would have been if you had bought your clay beads instead of making them. Of course if you have unlimited disposable income this may not be an issue for you but I know there are not many of us who are in that situation.

The second reason that I believe you should buy these little works of art instead of making them is that I am a firm believer in the principle that you should stick to what you do best and then delegate the tasks that you are not in strong in. This is not about you giving up or avoiding ever learning anything new. Instead this is about you being wise with your time. Most of who are considering making clay beads are actually jewelry makers and every moment you spend learning how to make beads and then actually making them is less time that you have to be doing what you love and do best, making jewelry. So as difficult as it may be, and I know it is difficult, I encourage you to fight the urge to spread yourself too thin.

Finally, I believe you should avoid making your own beads because as an arts and crafts community we need to support the businesses and skills of others instead of doing everything on our own. There are people who have devoted their entire life to the work of creating beads, and many of them are people in developing countries who are trying to simply ply a trade and make their lives better. Why would we want to take that opportunity away from them?

Again, I would never want to discourage creativity or learning new skills, but I truly believe this is one situation where you need to stick to what you know best, making jewelry, and leave the bead making to someone else.


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