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How To Make Some Basic Jewelry Findings

Jewelry Findings are a very important part of jewelry, because they are the part of the piece which keeps the whole thing together. The term "jewelry findings" can actually be used to describe a whole range of things, including eye pins, jump rings, and clasps. They may be as simple as a piece of metal with a loop on one end, or they may be much more complex, such as the brilliant lobster claw clasp. It is usually possible to buy jewelry findings in bulk from online jewelry making supplies stores, and it is always worthwhile to have a collection of shop bought ones spare, just in case you need a good, solid, classical style of jewelry finding in a hurry. However, if you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can always try to make (or improvise) your own jewelry findings, to add a few unique touch to your final pieces. The best thing about making your own findings is that you have a much wider range of choices as to what they are made out of and what they look like.

1. Clasps
Clasps are one of the hardest pieces to make if you are new to jewelry making, and they may require you to have a lot of specialist tools. The chances are that if you already have the required tools, you will know how to make them, and won't need a basic description. However, you can have a lot of fun improvising clasps for jewelry too. You need to make sure that you find something which has two ends which interconnect. These can be as crazy as you dare! Although this idea is too big for your jewelry findings, two connecting ends to an electrical cord can make funky bag fasteners, or seatbelt connectors can make a great "recycled" belt buckle. Just look at your household objects and be creative!

2. Eye Pins
Eye pins are one of the easiest jewelry findings to make, because they are just a piece of wire with an eye shaped loop at the end. Using strong jewelry wire, so that it holds its shape and can withstand mild strain once it has been turned into jewelry, bend the end around some round nose pliers. Try to make sure that there is no significant gap in the loop which you have created. For a slightly different design of eye pin, create the loop in the middle of the wire, and then twist to two ends of wire together to create a spiral effect.

3. Jump Rings
Jump rings are a very versatile type of jewelry finding which can be used to attach two things together. Unlike clasps, the intention is that these two things will not usually need to be regularly separated and reattached. To make your own jump rings, use round nose pliers, as you did with the eye pin, and create a loop. However, a jump ring is just a ring, so you will need to cut off the excess wire, using strong wire cutters.


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