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Clay Bead - Design Ideas

Clay beads are very versatile. You can make almost anything with the clay. You can mold it into any shape you would like. You can use clay tools or even a simple toothpick to enhance your design or add a little texture. Dress your design up with other types of beads. You can even use glass beads, metal beads, or wood beads.

Here are some clay bead making ideas; however, the possibilities are endless. You can make beads to reflect different holidays or seasons. Try your favorite sports teams or colors. Do your school mascot or school colors. Reflect the colors you see in the mountains or the beach. You could even do ones to reflect your wedding colors and give them to all your bridesmaids as gifts. Use these beads to reflect your personality and who you are.

You could just do a basic solid color beads to reflect the colors of the rainbow. Then you could take those colors and swirl them up to create a whole new look. It is amazing how you can just change a beads appearance just by changing the shape or mixing the colors around. It can be lots of fun to create your own jewelry.

You can use these beads to make a necklace, bracelet, pin, key chain, earrings, backpack charm, bag charm, or paper weight.

Try to make your first clay bead and see what design you come up with. I guarantee that you will start coming up with endless ideas.

Come up with your own clay bead designs everyday. If you would like to see more designs or get more information please check out my clay bead site.


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