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How to Sell Your Handmade Beads Online

Diamond is the girl's best friend, but that was long ago. Nowadays, practical women do not mind wearing cheap jewelry as long as it is beautiful and trendy. Handmade beads for jewelry are now sellable to both young and old not only because it is less expensive but also cool and fashionable.

Many hobbyists have turned their hobby into income-generating projects and you could be one of them. If you are fond of beads and jewelries, you can certainly make money out of it. Read on to know about the basics of handmade beads jewelries.

Bead Types

There are various types of bead you can use to make jewelries. Commonly used handmade beads are Swarovski pearls, Czech glass beads, Indian glass beads, Swarovski crystal beads, Semi precious stone beads, Seed Beads, Plastic Beads, Metal Beads, Wooden Beads, Stone beads and Bone Beads. Crystal beads especially the Swarovski crystal beads are much preferred by many because sparkles and very glamorous and most popular is the.

Beading Technique

Beading techniques make the foundation of your jewelry of handmade beads. It is an important basic that craftsmen should learn. It will be difficult at first but as you go along you will find it easy and simple.

There are two types of beading techniques and each are further subdivided. Wire beading techniques uses heavy-gauged wires for stronger foundation; the basics that you should learn include making simple loop and S loop. You may also want to know about finishing with clamp by using either a stopper or a knot. Moreover, you should also learn about how to open a jump ring and how to fix the connector.

Beading or weaving technique is another method of making your handmade beads jewelry's foundation. It is very important that you should learn about Peyote Beading Patterns and techniques and also square stitch beading technique. All these techniques are taught at crafts classes and you have the option to enroll in them to enhance your skills.


The handmade beads can be made into different beautiful and unique pieces of jewelries. Projects include earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The simplest project you can make is earrings. You will only need eye-pins and T-pins to complete the entire project.

Selling Online

Use your own website to sell your handmade beads projects. Make sure that your page is attractive, with clear photos to generate traffic. To process sales, put a shopping cart on the page. Also, your page should have the ability to accept credit cards or if not get a merchant account like PayPal.


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