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Making Beaded Jewelry

Creating your own beaded jewelry is awfully rewarding. It's a way to show how creative you are. Your emotions show in each of your designs and they express your view towards art. It is absorbing to see the beaded jewelry that come from your beautiful imagination, isn't it? Those beads, with their different colors, shapes, and sizes, are an impressive and crowd pleasing addition to your jewelry.

Beaded jewelry is truly easy to make, so stop sweating and querying your capability to make them. When trying your hand at making your own jewelry, the only way to start is by making your own beaded necklace or learning to make easy beaded anklet.

The materials required in making a beaded necklace are jewelry wire, bead design boards, beads, beading needle, beading threads, flat surfaces, crafts glue, scissors, and a couple of flat nose pliers. The very first thing you have got to do is to figure out the length of your necklace. You can use your own neck as a guide to do that. Once you are done measuring your chosen length, you can cut out the length of beading thread you need. Add an in to make sure that they will be long enough before cutting the thread.

After you do that you can decide what beads - their color and size - to use for your necklace. This stage will require you to use the design bead board. You've got to ensure that you have enough beads for the length of your necklace including spacer beads which you may put between beads of a bigger size. Now you have to knot the end of the thread. Use scissors to trim off the surplus thread.

Push the bead tip over the open end of the thread and string your beads and thread on the other bead tip. This way the open end of the tip is facing away from the strung beads. Tie a loose knot at the end of the thread and employ a long pin to bump the knot down into the opening of the bead tip. Lastly, finish your beaded necklace by hooking the clasp.

Your first jewelry project is done! After some more practice, you can start being comfortable with making more difficult jewelry pieces.

If you are far more brave and have a bit more knowledge then you may need to try making your own handmade glass beads. This is tricky initially, but with some practice you will be ready to make beads that are custom designed for your own creations. Making your own beads makes your jewelry more exclusive and thus more valuable. Once you have a few different talents you can start incorporating them into more complex jewelry designs.

Having a combination of glass beads and fimo beads, all individually designed will set your jewelry aside from the mass produced items. The more unique that your jewelry designs are the more profit you can expect to make as intricate pieces not only take longer to make, but because of their uniqueness will fetch a much higher price.

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