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Exploring How to Make Glass Beads

To make glass beads, you need to learn and remember the different things about bead making. You should know all the tools, equipments, materials, tips and methods on making beads. Glass beads are said to be beautiful, fine and stunning beads used for decorating purposes and can be also used for fashion accessories, handcrafts designing and jewellery making. The process on how to make beads can be made through the use of machine or by hand. The process by hand is done by melting glass rods, then shaped and cooled and there goes a new glass bead. These beads are cooled and shaped into different shapes.

On how to make glass beads, you must have to a workstation with proper lighting and it must be comfortable for you. Gather important materials needed such as glass rods, mandrels, torch, bead release, sterling silver clasps, swarovski crystals and set of pliers. Then choose a unique and creative design and then apply the different techniques in bead making. You must be familiar with these techniques to make glass beads perfect and amazing. You must also be familiar with the different methods in bead making. All of these details are important on how to make glass beads that you should remember.

The most common method to make beads is through lamp working. This is the process of bead making in which beads are made by winding a hot glass around a mandrel then put in a kiln and removing molten glass from furnace. The beads are moulded into different shapes. Glass beads can be formed into different shapes like square, rondelle, diamond, round, teardrop, heart, oval, flower, tube and bi-cone. There are also lots of different types of beads like Venetian beads, Swarovski beads, frosted beads, furnace beads, hematite beads, Dichroic beads and lamp work seed beads. All of these are beads that are often used for different purposes.

To make beads is a fun and enjoyable activity that can be done by the whole family. Make your own glass beads for beautifying your home and adding some fashion sense in some accessories. Make this as your reference in making beads and you will surely make one of your own. Create different beads that will surely be the talk of the town.

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Beading Basics: What You Need to Know to Get Started Beading

Stringing beads is a fun way to reduce stress and explore your creative side. Put a colorful necklace together or create a beautiful matching set with a bracelet and a pair of earrings. Wear your creations, sell them, or wrap them in tissue paper and give them to your friends.

Basic beading is easy, fun, and relatively inexpensive. You'll find beading supplies at most craft shops, art supply stores, and discount stores, in addition to the beading boutiques that often specialize in more expensive beads.

Here is a checklist of the basic tools and supplies you'll need to begin working on your new hobby:

Beads - You'll find an abundance of different sizes, shapes and styles to choose from. Start off with a few favorite colors using plastic beads so you can become familiar with color coordination and putting on the finishing touches. This way, mistakes won't be so costly. Work your way toward the finer glass, semi-precious, hand-painted, wood and cloisonné beads.

Clasps - There is a wide variety of clamps, closures and clasps, also called findings. Again, don't be seduced into purchasing the best and the brightest in the beginning. Most products will have the instructions included on the front or back of the package, but if you run into a problem, consult a beading magazine or catalog, which you can find either online or at craft shops.

Containers - Depending on your budget and preference, you can use either the standard, flat containers or go up a notch to the drawer compartments that many people use in their workshops for nuts, bolts and screws. Any containers will do, but, while working, you'll want your beads to be easily accessible. Storing beads in dark, confined areas makes them more difficult to work with and to color-coordinate.

Crimping Beads - These are an important element in bead-making. They are simply beads constructed of a flexible metal, which help keep the clasp attached to the necklace. Crimping beads come in gold and silver and in several different sizes.

Round-Tipped Pliers - Invest in a good pair of round-tipped pliers. You'll need to use them often not only for picking up beads but also to hold the components while working with them. Flat-nosed pliers also come in handy. Remember to select a pair that will allow you to crimp.

Trays or Boards - Using a beading tray is not mandatory but it makes it easier to pre-select and measure your beads. Most trays are made of plastic and incorporate a measuring device either in inches, millimeters, or both.

Wire, Line or String - Again, depending on budget and preference, there is a wide variety of wire, line and string to choose from. Before purchasing, be sure that it's the correct size to fit the beads you've selected, or vice versa. Some beads have large holes to accommodate thick string while others, such as seed beads, have tiny holes that only thread or wire will fit through. You could even use fishing line to practice on, but beading wire is better it doesn't have a tendency to curl, shrink and distort the way plastic lines do. You could also use string, rawhide or thread. When beading with string or thread, use a special big-eye or curved needle.

Children can also take part in stringing beads. Look for children's beading supplies at most craft stores, generally alongside the adult supplies. Beading is a great way to teach children coordination skills, and to keep them happy and occupied while you are working on your beading projects. Keep in mind that many of these items should be kept away from babies and small toddlers.



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Fun Baby Shower Favors and Game Prizes

The main goal of the baby shower is to provide the new mom with essential things that she will need to fully care her cute bundle of joy. The baby shower for your dear friend will be no different! However, the baby shower favors that will be offered to the guests must be well thought about to make those people feel honored and appreciated.

Baby shower favors have been a tradition during baby showers. They are usually used to give thanks to the guests, as prizes for the game winners, and as part of table decorations. When you are planning to favors as prizes for the shower game winners, you have to consider the guests who will likely be joining in the activities. They're maybe of different ages - both male and female. With your guest list, you must not be thinking what prizes will make those people satisfied? If that challenges you, key rings; potpourri; large candy bars; notepads; note cards; refrigerator magnets; kitchen towels; sachets; scented soaps; candles; glass coasters; and mini gourmet baskets are a few great options to choose from.

The prizes for the shower game winners doesn't need to be the same with favors that will be taken home. You may purchase cute baby items such as baby rattles, baby bottles, baby booties or socks as prizes for winners of games.

Different from game prizes, the real shower favors are more challenging to deal with. You need to put extra effort to come up with a token that will not only show appreciation to each of the guests, but also to keep them reminded of the that wonderful event they once experienced with the mom-to-be.

Baby shower favors, depending on the type of the party you are celebrating, could be tokens that are formal or less formal. When you choose party favors for the baby shower, keep in mind the theme of the party as well as the budget allotted them. Such tiny keepsakes doesn't need to be too much, but memorable instead. Set a budget before buying anything and stick with it. Remember, even to the tiniest detail of the baby shower can quickly add up to the expenses your savings should be prepared for.

Homemade shower favors have been very popular these recent years. If you are crafty enough to make homemade baby shower ideas, feel free to do so. There's a lot of homemade favors that are pretty easy to make. These may include cookies, candies, chocolates, jams, cupcakes, scrapbooks, handmade baby jewelry, potted plants, quilts and a lot more. However, if you don't have plenty of time to craft shower favors, buying online can make a practical option. There are thousands of websites these days that engage in selling party supplies, including favors, invitations, games and a lot more for showers. Feel free to visit any of these sites and look for shower favors that suit best the shower you are planning to throw.


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