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Using Beautiful Plastic Beads in Jewelry Making And Clothing Design

If you are interested in arts and crafts, then you may have tried both jewelry making and clothing design and creation. Both hobbies are really fun ways to express your creative outlets and are easy hobbies to get involved in, since they do not require much specialist equipment at the outset. Although you may begin to pick up more specialist equipment as your hobby progresses, it is possible to dabble in both of these hobbies without too much of an initial cost. If you have not had the opportunity to try both, maybe you should give them a go, to see how much fun they can be. In fact, you can use some of the same equipment for both of your new hobbies, so it is even easier to try out both in the same period of time. One of the products which can be used in both clothes making and jewelry making are plastic beads. These beads are fantastically versatile items which can be used to add unique touches to both clothing and jewelry.

Plastic beads in jewelry making
Because plastic beads are available in so many different styles, colors and shapes, they can be combined in lots of different ways in the creation of jewelry. The jewelry which you create can utilize a number of beads which are all identical, two different sorts of beads which are arranged into a special pattern, or a whole variety of beads, which all complement and contrast one another. The great thing about these beads is that there are so many styles available, you have almost unlimited freedom of creativity. Delicate beads can be used to create items which are to be worn on special occasions, whereas larger, funky, chunky beads can be used to make an everyday item of jewelry which can be worn as part of your normal routine. These beads can be used to create fabulous items which are suitable for men, women or children.

Plastic beads in clothing design
It is really easy to embroider plastic beads onto clothing in the patterns and designs which you create. The smallest plastic beads are great for adding an intricate, delicate touch to items of clothing and they can be sewn on using very simple stitch work. These beads are a great type of bead to use in clothing design, because very small beads are available, but these beads are still very strong. This means that you can put clothing through the washing machine, even if it contains these beads, and as long as you wash the clothing at a reasonable temperature, the beads will not crack, melt or break in the machine. They will also not cause any damage to other items of clothing which is in the washing machine at the same time as your customized items. You can include larger beads if you like, as statement pieces, but you will have to reconsider the ways in which you will attach these plastic beads to the item of clothing which you are customizing.

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