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Advantages of Buying Handmade Jewelry

If you're looking to convey a message of importance or show appreciation to someone you hold near and dear, you can't go wrong with a meaningful piece of handmade jewelry. Available in a variety of bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and more, handmade jewelry has some great advantages.

Originality and Style

Jewelry made by hand is always unique hence no two pieces will ever be the same. You're not constrained by recent trends or fashions because you're not wearing the same jewelry everyone else is wearing. Handcrafted jewelry can also be personalized to suit your style or personality which allows you to stand out in a crowd.

Quality Craftsmanship

When you buy handcrafted jewelry you are helping to patronize hardworking artisans who have put their heart and soul into every piece they create. Jewelry artisans love what they do and it shows in their designs. Therefore, they produce only high quality jewelry for their customers. You are also helping to encourage good quality craftsmanship worldwide.

Cost & Affordability

You'd surprised to find that jewelry made entirely by hand is affordable. This is mainly because there are fewer overhead expenses to make jewelry by hand. The cost of handmade jewelry is typically lower in comparison to items you'd find in larger jewelry stores. The time taken to produce a beautifully handcrafted piece may take longer, but you will end up with something you can cherish for years to come. That in itself, is well worth the cost of any handmade jewelry item you acquire.

Trust & Understanding

Most artisans create and run their jewelry businesses themselves, which enables you to communicate one-on-one with them to develop trust and understanding. You will also have a better appreciation for the use of high quality materials and techniques. Many artisans will also work with you to create a customized piece of handmade jewelry specifically to your personal taste and style.

Availability & Selection

Another big benefit to consider is the variety of handmade jewelry available to choose from. There are many stones, beads, precious metals and techniques, so you're guaranteed to find a whimsical, meaningful and unique piece of handmade jewelry to treasure for a lifetime.

In addition to the benefits listed above, handmade jewelry is available online. Browsing online jewelry boutiques allows you to shop for items right from the comfort of your own home. This is also a great way to do all of your gift shopping while saving both money and precious time.

Online Shopping Tip: Use online shopping to your advantage and do your research before you buy any type of jewelry. Read the About Us and F.A.Q. (Facts, Answers, Questions) pages for each website you visit. If you do have questions, don't hesitate to email or call the artisan for help. Any good quality designer will be more than happy to answer your concerns or provide information to you.



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Jewelry Making Kit Ideas for Kids

These jewelry making kit ideas include projects for both girls and boys. You might consider creating and selling kits like these as a business, or giving them as gifts, or using them to offer beading parties for kids.

Popular Projects for a Teen / Kids Jewelry Making Kit

Children and teens love to make and wear jewelry. And a trendy jewelry project with a cool name can make a lot of sales!

These are some popular jewelry projects for kids of all ages to make. They are great designs to teach at a jewelry workshop or beading party, or to offer as kits.

1) Friendship Bracelet - for boys or girls. This has been a hot jewelry item for the past several years, with no sign of declining. Nice made with either "natural" beads, or colorful glass / plastic ones, and strung on leather or hemp cord.

2) Friendship Anklet - similar to the bracelet above, except made ankle-size. (Less likely to be worn by boys.)

3) Surfer Dude / Surfer Chick Necklace - for boys or girls. A rustic choker-length necklace featuring a few beads and sometimes a small pendant. You can offer a variety of rugged, "natural" beads like clay, bone, horn, wood, recycled glass, etc. The beads and pendant are strung onto leather cord or rubber tubing, fastened with either sliding leather knots or a basemetal clasp. This is an especially popular teen / older kids jewelry making kit.

4) Princess Bracelet - an extremely popular jewelry making kit for girls. Possible components: large-hole beads to string on a pretty ribbon that ties onto the princess' wrist with a bow; beads to string on heavy-duty stretch cord; beads to string on beading wire and fastened with a basemetal toggle clasp. Pink and purple are a must in these designs.

5) Dragon-Bone Necklace - a popular jewelry making kit for boys. Simply provide a variety of bone beads and a few interesting spacer beads to string on leather cord and fasten off with sliding, adjustable knots.

6) Magic Bracelet - for boys or girls. An assortment of small magnetic hematite beads in a variety of shapes makes an endlessly fascinating toy as well as a piece of jewelry.

Tips for Creating a Jewelry Making Kit

Many of the commercially-made jewelry kits are disappointingly junky. They have a skimpy assortment of cheap components, flimsy tools, and poorly written instructions - packaged in a deceptively large box. It's very easy to create something that's vastly better than these!

When I create a jewelry making kit for workshops or for sale, I put myself in the customer's shoes - what would be exciting to find in the kit? Here's an example of how I created some bead bracelet kits:

Each kit contained beads in a popular color scheme, with some nice contrasting accent beads and at least one cool focal bead. I included an inspiring mix of bead colors, shapes, etc., and used a beadboard to measure how many inches of beads I was putting into each kit.

Then I tossed in a few extra inches of beads, so the recipient would have a good selection to design with, plus some leftover beads for other projects. I added a coil of leather stringing cord (cut a few inches longer than even the largest wrist would need), and instructions for good design, a comfortable fit, and making sliding knots.


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Read About The Benefits of Children's Jewellery

Contrary to popular belief, jewellery is not exclusive to women alone. Men and children can wear them for a variety of reasons. In fact, a lot of jewelers create models specifically for children and men. Jewellery and children have a special relationship. In addition to being visually pleasing, precious stones and metals are often associated with purity. Hence, a lot of parents purchase jewellery for their children. Children crave attention and adorning them with jewellery is a good way to ensure that they receive proper attention. Among the various types of jewellery available for children, earrings are the most popular.

A pair of simple and elegant children's earrings can greatly accentuate the beauty of the child. Most children adore jewellery. In addition to making them look pretty, the varying dazzle of the jewellery under different lights captivates them. While children are more concerned with the dazzle than price, parents will go to any extent to ensure that their child looks best. As such, there is a lot of children's jewellery that have been crafted using some of the most expensive metals and stones known to man. Jewellery is the ideal gift for any occasion. Along with being attractive, their value does not diminish over time. On the contrary, jewellery is an excellent investment.

This is another reason why a lot of people purchase children's jewellery. A lot of children's jewellery look best on children and does not suit adults. Hence when the child grows, parents can sell them or exchange them for better suited ones. Before purchasing jewellery for children, one should always do adequate research on the various materials used to manufacture it. Children will inadvertently bite, lick and chew them. Hence, children's jewellery made of corrosive or poisonous materials should never be bought. Price is a very important factor these days.

A lot of people cannot afford to buy expensive jewellery for their children. A lot of jewellers have realized this and have started selling jewellery made from silver. Silver is a durable and attractive metal that can bent into a variety of shapes. There is a lot of children's silver jewellery available in the market today. Fake and cheap children's jewellery is also available today. Such items are ideal for events such as Halloween where children have to dress up in various costumes. However, cheap jewellery should not be given to children who are too young to understand its intended use.


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