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Jewelry Trends This Season

We all know that trends in fashion jewelry change every season. If you want to have your very own style statement, it is necessary that you keep a check on these changing trends. Here are a few tips that every jewelry lover should consider this season:

Ethnic fashion was in last year. From tribal jewelry, African beads to wooden accessories, fashionistas experimented with everything. The craze is still on and in the coming time, more localized jewelry will be a hit amongst buyers. For kids, it will be Disney Jewelry that will be in this season.

Gone are the days of jewelry in different shapes and colors, as the coming trend will be of symmetrical jewelry. If you are planning to change your collection, go for a subtle jewelry.

As the prices of gold are sky-high and will remain so, jewelry designers know that masses cannot afford this metal. Brass, beads, wood and silver will be the replacement of gold in the coming season.

The season is going to be of cold colors. Earth tones and beads will be used and the inclusion of blue, whites or blacks will be reduced. The coming time is not meant for jewelry lovers who want to stand out with flaring colors.

Because handcrafted jewelry represents extravagance in a unique way, it is going to be hugely popular amongst buyers. You can confidently buy beaded jewelry like pendants, rings, necklaces and bands to flaunt them all this season. If you are buying jewelry for kids, Disney Bracelets are the most appropriate options.

You can also shop for small and light bracelets as well as subtle pendants. This type of jewelry can be worn in any occasion or everyday also.

Disney Mickey Mouse Jewelry is going to be a big hit amongst kids this year. This jewelry comes in different colors, patterns and designs, & are liked by kids of all age group.


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