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Beaded Jewelry 101 - Designing Your Own Jewelry - Tools and Materials

In this article I'll talk about the different things you'll want to get started with. I'll also throw in a few tools that you don't need, but would be nice to have.


Here is a list of the basic tools necessary to create your own beaded jewelry:

1. Needle Nosed Pliers
2. Round Nosed Pliers
3. Wire Cutters
4. Scissors

And here is a more advanced tool list. I would recommend getting the above tools first and then adding these tools one at a time:

1. Crimping Pliers
2. Split Ring Pliers
3. Bent Nose Pliers


There are quite a few materials, so I am going to split it up into basics and findings. Here are the basic supplies that you are going to need to create beaded jewelry:

1. Beading Thread
2. Beading Wire
3. Crimp Beads
4. Beads

And then there is the findings list:

1. Clasps
2. Jump Rings
3. Split Rings
4. Charms
5. Eye Pins
6. Head Pins
7. Earwires

As you can see, there aren't a ton of materials and even in the case of tools, there's only 6 that you need to buy (you have scissors don't you?!) and these will last forever if you take care of them... literally!

All of the findings and the beading wire come in different metals; copper, silver, gold, etc. This makes it really easy to match to your beads! My favorite metal is nickel free silver, especially for earwires. The reason for this is because I have very sensitive ears, and if I use anything else, excepting 18 karat gold, my ears swell. This is just me, and if you can wear earrings that have nickel in them, then those are slightly less expensive.

While we are on the topic of findings, a note about head pins and eye pins. One of the things you'll need to know is that a head pin looks like a nail without the sharp end, and an eye pin is just a piece of wire with a loop at the end. We will talk about making your own eye pins in a later article, but, for now, you can buy them fairly cheaply (I can often find a pack of 100 at my local Walmart for $2.00.)

Over the next few articles however, I am going to discuss different aspects of the different tools and materials. For example, when I get to the one on beads, I'll tell you guys about all the different types of beads... there are lots out there!

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