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Necklace Pendants and Their Meanings

Pendants have long been a popular jewelry accessory, used by many as a sign of wealth, status or religious convictions. In modern times, just about anything you can imagine has been used as a pendant design. From corporate logos to rock band names, anything and everything has been used in pendant design.

Modern meanings behind the jewelry can take many forms. For some, a pendant can represent sentimental things such as the birth of a child, or the love of a spouse. For others, they may wish to display their social status by wearing very expensive designs, which use expensive materials such as gold and diamonds. For many, the meanings are personal, and not very obvious.

When choosing a design, it is important to remember that the design should represent you, or something about you. While people do wear corporate designs, those usually have little to no meaning. What design is right for you can depend on a number of different factors. Below is a list:

1) What do you do for a living? Does the design represent this?
2) Do you have any children?
3) Are you married and want to commemorate your marriage with a pendant?

These three factors are just the very tip of the iceberg. Many people find that they have a hard time choosing the appropriate design, because there are quite possibly millions to choose from! Remember, you have plenty of time to chose your own style. Don't allow a sales person at a jewelry store to make up your mind for you, or try to sell you something that doesn't appeal to your senses.

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