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Applique Crafts - Ideas For Decorating Projects For Children

If you are interested in applique crafts, then you'll enjoy discovering some new ideas on how to incorporate them into your sewing projects.

The technique of applique lends itself particularly well to children's sewing projects.

There are lots of ways that applique can be used to add both fun and style to your next sewing project.

One idea is to decorate clothing with appliqued designs. This type of applique is commonly known as wearable applique. Appliqueing on the front of a tea shirt or sweat shirt is a popular way to delight little ones. There are lots of designs suitable for this.

If you are a beginner, one thing to remember is that you may need to use a stabilizer such as light weight, fusible interfacing under your design. Appliqueing on a stretchy fabric can be a bit more challenging and the interfacing will prevent the design from moving and puckering.

Appliqueing designs onto bibs or singlets is also an idea that is quick, easy and inexpensive.

Another popular way to use applique is to incorporate applique designs into a quilt.

Children love this idea and it can be a wonderful way to make a quilt project more personal.

Adding favourite animals for example can be a novel way to make a gift even more special.

Personalizing a child's towel with their name or motive is another great gift idea. So too is decorating a child's pre school bag, library bag or pillow slip

Appliqued wall hangings are also a novel idea.

They are the perfect way to add that special handmade look to a child's bedroom. Once again the possibilities are endless.

Applique can also be used to add special features to a handcrafted toy. Toy making has become popular again, as more and more people turn away from commercial, plastic toys. Making a special toy for a child can be one of the most rewarding things that you do. A gift that will be treasured for a long time to come.

There are many applique crafts to consider, the trick is to find one that appeals to you and to go for it!

Lenna Green is a textile designer who has been teaching patchwork, quilting, applique and hand embroidery for over fifteen years. Her primary website Stitching Cow is a visual feast for sewing enthusiasts who are looking for a new pattern to sew. The website also offers free useful information and helpful "how to" video resources.

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