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Wholesale Charms - From Warding Off the Evil Spirits to Amplifying Beauty

The purpose of the charm depends on the shape, or rather the picture and material used in making the charm. But as a piece of jewelry they just represent style and fashion.

Wholesale charms vary from culture to culture, from country to country and from generation to generation. The most popular symbols of charm are insects like crickets, ladybugs; animals like elephants, tigers; objects like horseshoe, coins, and numbers like seven.

There are different beliefs associated with different wholesale charms. A horseshoe when placed at the door can bring good luck same as the nuts of rudraksh tree. Different amulets or talismans can give luck to love life, money, health and illness. It can be placed in a bracelet or can also be worn in a necklace.

Different materials used in making them are:

    24 Karat Gold- It is one of the most preferred materials for bracelet charms as it adds and ornamental value to the bracelet along with being worm as a charm.
    Pewter- People with skin allergies can get the wholesale charm made of pewter as it is nickel and lead free. It is also more affordable when compared to 24 Karat gold.
    Crystal- Crystal is also a good option to make wholesale charms as it looks decorative and can be worn with semi-precious stones embedded in it.
    Rhodium plated pieces- Rhodium is another element used to make tarnish free wholesale charms to retain brightness and to be used over a long period of time.
    Sterling silver- The most common material used in the making of wholesale charms is sterling silver as it is affordable, lasts longer and can be easily molded into different shapes.

One of the most important and perhaps the best feature of wholesale charms is customization. It can be easily removed from the bracelet and changed as per the mood and suitability.

Not only are there different materials in which these wholesale charms are available, there are different designs as well that make these charms both stylish and symbolic. Some of the popular designs are:

    Eiffel Tower charm - this charm denotes that a person is adventurous and is desirous of having a life full of excitement and travel.
    Four leafed Clover - it signifies luck. This charm brings luck to the person wearing it in all forms.
    High healed shoe- it is for the one who wants to spend their life in glamour and style.
    Star - for those people who believe in the magic of Stars and that they will be granted all their wishes by these Powerful stars.
    Owl - This charm is worn by people who seek wisdom in their life.

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