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Selling Crafts on eBay - 5 Tips to Successfully Sell Your Handmade Crafts on eBay





Selling crafts on eBay is much easier than hauling all of your wares to craft shows, and when you sell your handmade crafts on eBay, you have literally millions of potential customers, instead of a few hundred or so at craft shows! 


How do you start selling crafts on eBay?  Here are 5 tips to get you selling successfully!


Pictures - The absolute best way to successfully sell your handmade crafts on eBay!  You have to remember that people on eBay can't touch or smell your item - so you have to  show  them  as much detail as possible.  Take one picture of your item.  Then take a few high-detail close-ups.


Title - You have to inlclude what your item is.  In addition to that, you should also include the words  'new','OOAK' (meaning one of a kind), 'unique', etc.   This will peak the interest of browsers, and will entice them to click on  your auction, instead of  someone else's! 


Product Description - Tell your prospective buyer EVERYTHING you can about your handmade item!  Tell them what it's made from, how long it takes to make (adds value), how it can be used, etc.         Remember, they can't touch or smell it, you have to paint a picture in their heads of why they should buy   your item, and what it will do to enhance their lives!

 Sell Worldwide - Many sellers don't choose this option - they don't want to take the extra few minutes at  the post office.  By choosing to sell worldwide, you open your customer base to everyone around the world!  Don't you think a few minutes of your time is worth a worldwide customers?



Shipping and Handling - ONLY charge what you absolutely have to for this! A lot of sellers choose to raise their shipping prices, in hopes of making an extra dollar, but this really makes buyers mad! Your buyer is looking or the best deal, especially when it comes to shipping.


They are well-informed of what shipping prices should be, and if yours is a lot higher, they won't buy from you. It's really not worth an extra dollar!


Selling Crafts on eBay is fun, and can be as addictive as buying! I have sold crafts on eBay for years, until recently, I had to stop because of severe bursitis. I made thousands of dollars on eBay when the 'coming home poncho' was made famous.





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