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Homemade Christmas Stockings

Hanging Christmas stockings is one of those cherished holiday traditions that every child looks forward to at Christmas time. Whether you hang stockings weeks in advance of the actual day or on Christmas Eve, just hours before the big arrival, a handmade Christmas stocking can bring personality and style to your Christmas celebration.

The tradition of hanging Christmas stockings began with using stockings that actually belonged to the child. Often they were handknit by mom. Over time, the custom evolved to using fabric stockings of many different types, most often handmade. These days the stockings you see in stores usually bear the words "Made in China." Now, I don't know about you, but those words don't exactly give me the warm fuzzies.

Handmade Christmas stockings are a simple way to bring "high-touch" back into our holiday celebrations instead of "high-tech." Christmas traditions vary from family to family and place to place, but in almost all families the Christmas season has become too hectic and fast-paced. Adding handmade items to your Christmas traditions is a perfect way to bring a more warm and cozy feel to your holiday. Now, that doesn't mean you are limited to a traditional looking stocking - not by any means. Handmade Christmas stockings can be fancy or plain, wild or chic, funky or cute. There are stockings to match nearly ever personality, from sports and hobbies, to favorite foods and books. Quilted stockings offer a traditional feel - even when made from ultra-modern fabrics. Your family can have matching styles or each member of the family can have one that compliments their personal taste.

No matter which you choose, your stockings will bring back some of that old-fashioned charm to your holiday season. You can even find some for baby, your cat, dog or parrot, or any other member of the family. Super large stockings are fun for extra big gifts or for wrapping unusually shaped items like golf clubs, skis or other long gifts. An adjustable stocking is a fun way to let Santa know you have been extra good this year.

Have some fun with them as well. They make great hostess gifts for holiday parties, or a fun twist on the gift basket idea. Just choose a theme and fill it up with items that follow that theme. For instance, a fishing theme could hold various small items like a new reel, flys, bait or a new fishing hat. For a hostess gift, a hot pepper print could hold hot pepper jelly, dried seasoning mix, and salsa. The possibilities are endless and can be a lot of fun.

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