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Ideas For Making Your Own Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Christmas ornaments are special for many reasons. They are unique, they are great to give away as gifts, they're fun to make and even the kids can get involved. As well, if you can't find the perfect ornament in the store, then you can make one that suits your tastes perfectly!

Best of all, there are so many different ways to make ornaments that anyone can make them. Here are some ideas for ornaments that you can make by sewing or cross stitching. Once you're done, you'll have a tough time deciding whether to keep them for yourself or to give them away as gifts.


There are so many wonderful fabrics that you can use to create your own Christmas ornaments. So, gather up your favourite patterns and colours and get ready to sew!

Once you've gathered your material, start by cutting out shapes, like hearts, snowmen, trees, stars, or any other shape that you associate with Christmas. Then sew the edges together, leaving a small hole at the top of the shape. Next, turn it inside out and fill it with batting. Fold a piece of ribbon or cord in half and sew it to the top of the ornament. You can leave the ornament like this, or if you like, you can add embellishments, such as ribbons or beads, to dress up the ornament.

Cross Stitch

Yes, even cross stitching can be used to create ornaments. Here's a list of different Christmas decorations that you can make when cross stitching.

    Cross stitch small patterns and frame them in small circular or oval frames to hang on the Christmas tree. To do this, start by cross stitching the pattern. Then, place it in the frame and put a stiff piece of thin cardboard at the back of the frame. The cardboard will keep the cross stitching in place. Next, trim off the excess fabric. If you like, you can glue lace to the back of the frame, around the edges.
    Another type of ornament uses felt as a backing. Again, start by cross stitching a small pattern and trim to the desired size. Then, cut a piece of felt for the back. Attach the cross stitching to the felt in one of two ways. The first way is to use spray glue. The second way is the stitch the edges together. You can use a decorative stitch or use ribbon to hold the edges together.
    Create a little bag ornament made from only aida cloth. Stitch the design on the front of the bag. Then fold the cloth in half, with the wrong side facing out. Stitch 3 of the sides together and turn the bag inside out. Sew a long ribbon into the top of the bag, leaving some of the ribbon free. Finally, use the ribbon to hang the decoration on the tree.

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