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Agate Stone for Strength In Mind, Body and Spirit

Agate stones come is a wide array of colors, sizes, shapes and designs. The colors range from muted very pastel blues and pinks, to bright almost neon colors to deep dark solid colors. If you can think of an individual color, chances are, you can find an agate in that shade. The variations in colors within each stone can also range widely. Often wonderful patterns are created which give gemstone cutters many delightful choices for making agate stones come alive.

The minerals available at the location the agate stone forms determines part of what the stone looks like. How the minerals came together is the other part of the equation. If the liquefied minerals drip into a pool, the stone is usually formed with various shades of concentric rings that overlap and creates designs such as those seen in the various colors of lace agate. If the liquefied minerals flow into a pool, the stone is usually banded, more like the Botswana agate which gives gemstone artist a wide array of designs to carve.

Each type of agate stone has its own healing, metaphysical and magical uses; however there are a wide range of uses that are common to all types of agate.

Any time you find yourself having some stomach problems is a good time to lie down and take break. While you are trying to feel better, place an agate stone on the upper part of your stomach and allow it to remain there while you rest.

If you need extra physical strength to make it through and illness or to complete a task, try putting an agate stone in your shirt pocket are wearing one so it hangs near your heart. They were used in ancient armor on the breastplates of warriors to help make them stronger for battle.

All agate stones are uplifting to our minds, bodies and spirit. When it seems like all the worlds problems are weighing down on you, wear agates or carry them in your pocket so you will have the inner strength to make your way through any trials or troubles life might throw at you.

Agates are great stones to help make sure relationships of all types run smoothly. A small fountain filled with agate stones are great to place in your home, business or office. Turn it on any time there is stress between people within these spaces. You can also turn it on prior to having a serious discussion with family or team members to keep down stress and prevent arguments.

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Wholesale Beads - Limitless Possibilities

Transform your world with wholesale beads. With them you'll unearth a world of possibilities that is limited only by your ingenuity. Add a unique sense of style to everything from shoes to jackets. Below you'll find some quick tips and ideas that will have you beading like a pro in no time.


Glass beads come in several different colors and designs. You can also find turquoise and pearl beads each in a plethora of sizes, shapes and pendants. It's best to purchase them at wholesale for a discounted price and a larger quantity to experiment with. Once you've figured out the kind of beads and colors you want, the fun can begin. Necklaces can be made to include any pattern imaginable. Put together a wild assortment of swirled glass bead to make a bright choker. Don't want to make a necklace, try assembling a bracelet or anklet. With the variety of beads you've bought, a hundred different styles of jewelry can be made. You'll have an accessory for any occasion, for any outfit. Diagrams can be found online to help you make the more complicated pieces. Practice and diligence will help you find a unique style that won't be replicable in any store. If you follow these jewelry tips, your fashionability will never be stale.

Youth Groups

Volunteering with a youth group is a wonderful way to spend your and concurrently give back to the community. Arts and crafts are always an activity that goes over well. Wholesale beads are an inexpensive way to boost the kids's artistic confidence.  They can make key chains to give their parents as gifts; remember, Father's day is coming up. Another good idea is making animals, like lizards or elephants, out of beads. Instructions can be found online with a quick Google search. This will help grow the kids's imagination without costing the youth organization a hefty sum. A myriad of beads, both in type and color, will ensure none of the kids have similar designs. These activities are guaranteed to result in a good time that simultaneously produces art the kids will be proud of.

Beaded Life

Wholesale beads work great for sprucing up a jacket. Hang the beads from fringe or glue them to lapels. Take a tip from the youth group section, make a beaded animal and attach it to the back of a jean jacket or backpack. Are your shoe laces coming undone? Fix a few beads at the end of them and they're good as new. If you're feeling adventurous make a landscape using different beads. With the right perspective and sequence of beads, you can make a beautiful sunset. At the right angle it will look three dimensional. Using wholesale beads will affect the aesthetic of your entire life. The art you create will enhance your attitude and worldly perception.

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Wire Jewelry Projects - Basic Information to Get You Started

The beauty of wire jewelry making is that it captures the traditions of time. It is considered one of the oldest jewelry making techniques. It is preferred by many jewelry crafters because the wire is bent, looped and woven avoiding the need for soldering and other more complex metalsmithing techniques or harmful chemicals It gives the jewelry artist the advantage of unlimited design possibilities and a fast turnaround from conception of the design to completion of the final piece of jewelry.

Wire weaving: in this type of project you use wire to create textile like jewelry. It allows you to a three dimensional quality to your jewelry designs. Wire weaving is also an easy technique to get started with. The repetitive pattern works well together and once you master the basics, the designs are limited by your imagination and creativity. Wire weaving can give your jewelry interesting textures achieved by unique wire working techniques. It is a new venture into the old and respected world of textile arts. Wire jewelry is not only attractive but it is also relatively easy to make. There are many wire jewelry projects that you can choose from to get started.

Viking Weaving: by the metal works created by the Vikings, this type of wire jewelry is now experiencing a renaissance amongst the jewelry community. Viking wire weaving, also known as trichinopoly, allows you to create a chain that is strong and beautiful at the same time. The technique is simple to learn, but it requires practice to be able to create the perfect chain.

Wire Crochet: It follows the same technique used with yarn, an old and traditional craft. Using wire to crochet has become has recently gained popularity because on the delicate and exquisite jewelry that you can create using this early to learn technique. Beads can be crocheted into the wire to add even more interest to the design.

Spool knitting: is another interesting technique to explore. This follows the same simple technique that you learn as a child. Remember the "Knitting Nancy"? The technique requires you to work the wire around the pegs and as you weave them trough a long tube is formed. Different effects can be achieved by working on all or just some of the pegs. Before you start spool knitting with wire, take some time to practice with yarn. It is an easy technique once you have mastered the basics.

Wire wrapping: is a versatile technique that will allow you to create all kinds of jewelry, from stone set pendants to earrings and bracelets. It is a relatively easy technique to learn using some basic tools. Some of the basic techniques include twisting the wire, wrapping a wire bundle, crimping or flattening the wrap, scrolling, and shaping. This is again a technique that will require practice but it can be mastered with time.
These are just some basic ideas on the different types of wire jewelry projects. Remember that the possibilities are endless.

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