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Wire Jewelry Projects - Basic Information to Get You Started

The beauty of wire jewelry making is that it captures the traditions of time. It is considered one of the oldest jewelry making techniques. It is preferred by many jewelry crafters because the wire is bent, looped and woven avoiding the need for soldering and other more complex metalsmithing techniques or harmful chemicals It gives the jewelry artist the advantage of unlimited design possibilities and a fast turnaround from conception of the design to completion of the final piece of jewelry.

Wire weaving: in this type of project you use wire to create textile like jewelry. It allows you to a three dimensional quality to your jewelry designs. Wire weaving is also an easy technique to get started with. The repetitive pattern works well together and once you master the basics, the designs are limited by your imagination and creativity. Wire weaving can give your jewelry interesting textures achieved by unique wire working techniques. It is a new venture into the old and respected world of textile arts. Wire jewelry is not only attractive but it is also relatively easy to make. There are many wire jewelry projects that you can choose from to get started.

Viking Weaving: by the metal works created by the Vikings, this type of wire jewelry is now experiencing a renaissance amongst the jewelry community. Viking wire weaving, also known as trichinopoly, allows you to create a chain that is strong and beautiful at the same time. The technique is simple to learn, but it requires practice to be able to create the perfect chain.

Wire Crochet: It follows the same technique used with yarn, an old and traditional craft. Using wire to crochet has become has recently gained popularity because on the delicate and exquisite jewelry that you can create using this early to learn technique. Beads can be crocheted into the wire to add even more interest to the design.

Spool knitting: is another interesting technique to explore. This follows the same simple technique that you learn as a child. Remember the "Knitting Nancy"? The technique requires you to work the wire around the pegs and as you weave them trough a long tube is formed. Different effects can be achieved by working on all or just some of the pegs. Before you start spool knitting with wire, take some time to practice with yarn. It is an easy technique once you have mastered the basics.

Wire wrapping: is a versatile technique that will allow you to create all kinds of jewelry, from stone set pendants to earrings and bracelets. It is a relatively easy technique to learn using some basic tools. Some of the basic techniques include twisting the wire, wrapping a wire bundle, crimping or flattening the wrap, scrolling, and shaping. This is again a technique that will require practice but it can be mastered with time.
These are just some basic ideas on the different types of wire jewelry projects. Remember that the possibilities are endless.

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