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Charmed by a Gold Jewelry Bracelet

Due to the fact that a charm bracelet can be a more personalized and meaningful gift, and that it is well liked by women and young girls alike, it is a perfect option for gift giving. Even though these types of bracelets come in silver as well as gold, it is the gold bracelet that really holds the hearts and minds of the receivers due to its history and beauty. In fact a gold jewelry bracelet is a top selling product around the holidays and other special occasions.

A gold piece such as a gold jewelry bracelet can be identified by a karat denotation, and usually comes in 14 karat, 18 karat, 22 karat, or 24 karat. The higher the karat rating the more pure gold there is in the piece, although no piece can ever be said to be made of pure gold as the substance by itself is too frail to survive the long term deterioration it would have if worn by the consumer day in and day out. The charm bracelet can add dimension to an already perfect bracelet by having a variety of options such as a level or dimensional object that can even house stones or gems for the ultimate design. When the gold jewelry bracelet is complete the charms on the gift resemble a life like-moving mobile that has visual interest as well as special meaning to the wearer.

These special bracelets can be made to fit a baby's wrist by coming in a standard six inch length, and can be expanded by adding links if necessary to fit an adult with a longer, nine inch choice. In this way, the bracelet can really move and grow with the recipient over time as they can be adjusted to fit a larger size, and as such do not get relegated to a box as a keepsake that can be taken out and admired, but no longer used.

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