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Four Alternative Uses For Plastic Beads

If you do a lot of jewelry making, then the chances are that you will have a lot of stray beads lying around which you won't be able to use in your current jewelry making projects. Rather than just throwing all your unused plastic beads into the garbage, you could use them up in one of the following DIY projects.

When Christmas comes around, you can use up lots of tiny leftover plastic beads to create fun and unique tree decorations. Buy a Styrofoam modeling ball and stick a thin loop of gold cotton (make sure that the loop is big enough to fit over the branches of your tree) to the top of it, using a little tape. Squeeze out a little glue onto a paper plate, then using tweezers, pick up one of the beads which you are using, dip in it into the glue, and then stick it onto the outside of the Styrofoam ball. Once the ball is covered with beads (so that you cannot see any white at all), paint with a layer of PVA glue. This glue will dry clear and will help the beads to stay in place, but you can leave out this step if you do not have enough glue. When the glue is dry, hang the tree ornament off of your Christmas tree.

If you have an old pair of curtains which are badly fraying at the bottom, you can breathe new life into them by turning the frayed edges into beaded tassels. Bunch frayed bits together at equal intervals (you may have to carefully fray some sections on purpose to even things up) then make a knot in each section just above where you would like to add the plastic beads, then begin beading. If you are using chunky plastic beads, make bigger sections, and if you are using smaller plastic chunky beads, make smaller sections, or use more beads to compensate. The extra advantage of this idea is that it makes the bottoms of the curtains heavier, and can stop them from flapping about.

If you have a pair of drawstring pants on which the draw string often falls out in the wash, or maybe gets stuck inside the belt fabric, you can use chunky plastic beads to stop this from happening. Find a couple of chunky left over beads which match the colors of the pants and then knot them onto the very end of the drawstring. This may also make the drawstring of the pants much easier to knot if they belong to an elderly person who had reduced dexterity.

Another great idea to use up plastic beads is to use them to customize clothing. Whether you have older items of clothing that you no longer wear, have bought items from second hand stores which need jazzing up a little or whether you have lots of plain white tees which need a little extra sparkle, customization is a great way to stand out from the crowd. It is very easy to sew beads or strings of beads onto clothing using a needle and thread.



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