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Five Things You Can Do With Plastic Beads

If you have ever looked through a craft making website or strolled through a craft store you can understand why plastic beads, with their pretty colors, different tones and amazing versatility can have such a draw for many people. But what can you do with them? Take a look at this article and discover 5 different things you can do with these beautiful findings!


1. Elasticated Chokers


If you have a style that has room for being fun and youthful, you'll enjoy wearing an elasticated choker made up of brightly colored plastic beads. You can have a rainbow of stars, or a long row of glow in the dark hearts - there are all kinds of options, and they'll all look just as playful and lighthearted. You'd be surprised how well most adults can pull off such a thing, really! Keep an eye out for cool or unusual plastic beads, but stick to ones with flatter sides for this so that they sit nicely on your neck.


2. Fun and Funky Earrings


Plastic beads can be turned into little dangles for use in all manner of eyecatching, bright and cheerful earrings. Try stringing a few together on a headpin and mixing and matching them for different effects - there's no end to the many and varied things you'll be able to do. If you get a kidney wire, you can make a variety of dangles and then swap them out as you see fit. This is where you can make great use of all the shaped plastic beads - like little animals and globe shapes.


3. Colorful Charm Bracelets


Those little dangles aren't just good for earrings. You can also use them like charms, and turn a simple chain bracelet into a masterpiece of brightly coloured plastic chunky beads design. Kids will love these bracelets, sure - but so will adults, and they can easily enough be made in colors that will go with a particular scheme or outfit.


4. Exciting Kids' Crafts


There are a hundred things that children can do with plastic beads. They can make simple jewelry, glue them onto picture frames or anything else they want to decorate, sew them onto pencil cases or notebooks or anything else soft enough, and generally explore all the possibilities that beading has to offer in a safe and inexpensive way. Don't both buying one of those chain store bead kits for your children - a mix bag of plastic beads and some elastic from us will be much cheaper and even more flexible and imagination inspiring.


5. Eyecatching Keyrings


Quick and easy keyring forms are cheap to find and simple to use - just choose a few beads and string them on! Plastic beads are especially good for this, as you want something that is both light and durable - that won't weigh you down like metal or break in your purse like glass.




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