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Parents - Use Craigslist to Find Cheap Kids Clothes

When it comes to buying cheap kids clothes, many parents turn to yard sales. Although you can do this, yard sales are hit or miss. Not only must you set aside time to shop, you may not be the first buyer. If you don't arrive on the scene first, another shopper may snatch up the good deals. Instead of dealing with the hassle of yard sales, use to find good deals on cheap kids clothes.

To find local deals on children's clothes, visit and perform a search. To do so, select your state and city. Then, use the search box on the left side of the page. The search settings are already set to for sale. Just enter in your search phrases. Good examples include kids clothes and children's clothes. You can also search with particular sizes, such as 4T or boys 6. You will then see a list of for sale products that meet your search criteria.

Before agreeing to buy used kids clothes that you found listed on Craigslist, there are some important points you want to take into consideration. First, make sure the clothes are in good shape. You may be surprised to hear that some sellers try to sell ripped and stained clothes. Yes, it really does happen! If the seller doesn't state in their listing that the clothes are new or like-new, outright ask about their condition.

Also, see if the same seller has any other clothes listed. Most post separate listings for each outfit. If you see multiple for sale listings for clothes and think that they are all from the same seller, offer to buy them all, but ask for a discount. Most parents sell their children's clothes because they no longer fit. Although they want to make extra money, most want to just get rid of these outgrown clothes. For that reason, a seller may be willing to drop the price of 10 outfits by $5 or $10.

What is nice about kids clothes is that these are items that can be shipped through the mail. Although Craigslist warns buyers about shipped purchases, they are okay if they are your idea. Your best method of payment is through, as there is a record of your purchase.

If you want to take this approach, search all of to find the best deals. Unfortunately, you cannot do this without a search tool, like the free Craigslist Reader at Search all of Craigslist, multiple cities, or entire states to find the best deals on kids clothes.

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