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Metal Beads Primp You Like a Celebrity

Are you still having no idea about what kind of jewelry you should choose for your dress? Are you always thinking that there is no enough jewelry in your wardrobe? Are you searching some jewelry beads which can create a striking visual accent to most beaded jewelry designs? What you should choose and add into your wardrobe is metal beads jewelry, and the correct jewelry beads you should use are metal beads.

If you always walk in your local jewelry stores or search on internet, you can easily find metal beads have a large range of choice. Because they are produced in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and designs. Metal beads jewelry designs are always play a center role in fashion shows. Have you ever taken part in a FASHION SHOW? If yes, you will find there are many metal beads jewelry designs-necklaces, bracelets and earrings are displayed on displays or models. Do you like to read fashion magazine? If yes, you will find a celebrity wearing a metal beads necklace or bracelet without a doubt. And you can see it on many major fashion magazines. Why celebrities love to wear metal beads jewelry? Chances are they love these jewelry for the same reasons as many other women---they are affordable, perfect for any occasion and have an expensive look to them that is great.

Bohemian style dresses and shoes are very popular these two years. Many women like would like to have one or more bohemian dresses in wardrobe, no matter they are ladies or young girls. If there are so many beautiful women wear that fashion dresses, how can you stand out at them? Matching a metal chunky beads necklace with your dress is the wise choice. Try combining Bali style metal beads with bone beads and hemp twine for an eclectic bohemian look. And you will become the spotlight at crowd without a doubt.

Many metal beads also look great when paired with big hold handmade glass beads such as Czech glass beads. Oversized earrings are one of the hottest fashion jewelry this year, just like basketball wives earrings. Wearing a pair of oversized metal earrings, you will be a fashionista. And all the fashionable women should do it. Not all the bling bling jewelries are the fashion. If you like vintage style jewelry and are aiming for an antique or Victorian look for your jewelry, but feel the metal beads you like is too shiny, simply spray the plated bead with windex or other ammonia based cleaner to dull the shine of the plating.

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