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Create Your Own Necklace Out of Pearl Beads

One way you can relieve stress is creating your own handmade accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and handmade beaded jewelry anklets. Using pearl beads as your primary material, you can add pieces to your jewelry collection through this hobby, or give as presents to friends. You can sell them if you like, and you'll never know this can be the start of your own jewelry business.

 In crafting a necklace out of pearl beads, you will need to purchase the 19-strand beading wire, silver plated, the beads, crimping beads, toggle clasps, and pliers. All of these are available at craft or hobby stores. To make the necklace, measure the wire around your neck to get the length, adding an extra 4 to 5 inches as allowance for attaching the clasp. Use this concept also if you are making an anklet or a bracelet - measure the length on your body and then add a few inches. Later on, you can save on the wire by knowing how to measure the exact length.

If you do not have a jewelry board to hold the pearl beads, you can use a wash cloth where you can place the beads in the order that you would need them. Making a pearl bead necklace is simple and easy. You can begin by attaching on either end of the wire the toggle bar or clasp, and start stringing the beads along. The acrylic pearl beads will be prevented from falling out the opposite end this way. Pearl beads come in all sizes, shapes and colors and you can use all these so that your necklace will not look boring. You can even make your creation appear as mixed up as possible for a unique looking piece of jewelry.

When thinking about the patterns to use, it is best to stick to a simple design in the beginning. You can always make the piece look elaborate by continuing making multiple layered strings as you go along, and you can also add some vertical strings. Usually patterns may involve 2 or 3 beads and can be repetitive. For example, if you want to use white, pink, and black beads, the pattern can be white/pink/black, white/pink/black, and so on.

The hardest part of the necklace making process is the use of crimping beads which you need to thread around the loops, both ends. You need to place the crimping bead close to the bar's bottom hole and use the pliers to make the bead crushed flat. The bar should be held in place through this method.

Making jewelry out of pearl beads overall is easy to get started with and it is not hard to learn and master. It is also a very enjoyable hobby. This can be done even by the not-so-crafty persons and by younger girls. The best part of it is that the hobby is inexpensive; you can get the 25mm-30mm chunky beads and other materials and tools at a cheap price, especially if you get them at online stores. Some websites on the internet provide patterns, ideas and instructions on how to create a bead necklace.

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